Shawangunk Grasslands Northern Shrike!

Distant but identifiable shot of the Northern Shrike at the Shawangunk Grasslands today.

Distant but identifiable shot of the Northern Shrike at the Shawangunk Grasslands today.

I spent most of my weekend traveling back and forth to the Shawangunk Grasslands NWR to try to find the NORTHERN SHRIKE that had been seen and photographed there Friday. On Saturday, Curt McDermott and Tom Burke alerted me to the fact that the bird had been seen. Curt and I spent most of the afternoon searching for the bird unsuccessfully. This morning Arlene Borko and I headed up county in Sullivan to look for shrikes here. When we were in Liberty, we received a call from both Tom and Curt informing us the bird had been found again. We zoomed down and spent the next couple of hours with Tom, Gail, Curt and others in an unsuccessful search for the bird. At 2 pm, the skies broke open and it down poured. We headed back to Sullivan. At 4pm, Tom called me to inform me they had remained in the area and once the rain stopped, the bird had reappeared. Once again I zoomed down, this time to good views of the bird atop a tree just across a field from us. I can’t thank Tom and Curt enough for sticking with this bird and keeping me updated in my many trips back and forth. It all paid off in the end!

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6 Responses to Shawangunk Grasslands Northern Shrike!

  1. Very exciting John, Northern Shrikes are an all time favorite! Glad your persistence paid off! Matt

  2. Matt,
    We heard late this afternoon that two people who do not report to ebird saw this bird and spread the word only by word of mouth early in the week. That should indicate that it has been there a while and hopefully has chosen this location as its wintering location. Hopefully, that means you should have a chance at seeing this bird. I would love to say its easy, but clearly that hasn’t been the case. Good luck if you try for it! John

  3. That sounds promising, fingers crossed.

  4. Kathleen Ashman says:

    Congratulations, John, on getting this wonderful bird!

  5. Thanks Kathy! I think that with the influx of this species over the last week, we might have a good showing of this bird this winter. By the way, congrats on all your sightings of the Sandhill Crane at Six and a half this past week, and thanks for keeping us updated.

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