Great Day of birding in Brooklyn!

The Cattle Egret on the grounds of Ft. Tilden.

The Cattle Egret on the grounds of Ft. Tilden.

This morning I was still psyched over my trip yesterday, so I wanted to see what else I might get today. A quick review of my needs had me headed to Long Island. Before I left, I dropped a note to my friend Sean Sime in hopes he might alert me if anything good was being seen in his area. Luck was with me. Sean had free time today and was able to meet me and show me some of the best current birding spots. We birded Ft. Tilden, Marine Nature Center and Plumb Beach. We had an abundance of birds. At Ft. Tilden, we quickly picked up one of my main targets for the day, CATTLE EGRET! There were warblers, swallows and sparrows to sort through and it made for some additional good birding. From there, we went to the Marine Nature Center Park. My target here was a Eurasian Wigeon that had been present the last two days. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the bird today. There were many ducks and geese, a couple of grebes, gulls, and more sparrows and warblers. Surprisingly, another Cattle Egret flew through! Long Island is experiencing an influx of this species at the moment. Sean and I then moved on to Plumb Beach. Here we met Shai Mitra and we began our search for my next target. We eventually found 3 NELSON’S SPARROWS! Along with them we found a Seaside Sparrow and a likely Saltmarsh Sparrow. On the beach we had Royal and Forster’s Terns, American Oyster Catchers, our only Laughing Gull of the day and our 4th Peregrine Falcone of the day. What a great day of birding! I can’t thank Sean enough for giving me a guided tour of the hotspots on the south shore of Brooklyn!

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