More Storm driven birds and late shorebirds

The lone Black Scoter on the Neversink Reservoir.

The lone Black Scoter on the Neversink Reservoir.

Arlene Borko and I toured the county today hoping to pick up some more birds brought in by the storm over the last couple of days. We couldn’t relocate the Red-necked Grebe on Yankee Lake. At Morningside Park, we had some unexpected birds. As I scanned the waterfowl, I found Hooded and Common Mergansers, Mallards and Canada Geese and a couple of Green-winged Teal. Scanning the mud flats that I was surprised to find were still exposed, I found 3 Killdeer, 1 Dunlin and 1 Pectoral Sandpiper! It is late for us to have shorebirds, but all of these species have been seen at this time of year before. From there we went to the Rondout Reservoir where we had the typically expected waterfowl, 1 Ruddy Duck and another late Killdeer. From there we worked our way around the conifer forests around the Neversink Reservoir. The only birds of note were a few Purple Finches. At the Reservoir itself, we found a pair of Bald Eagles, a Ring-billed Gull, 1 Common Merganser and 1 BLACK SCOTER. A nice morning with several good birds!

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