Bashakill Waterfowl

The Brant along the road by the bridge.

The Brant along the road by the bridge.

I birded the Bashakill this morning with some nice results. In spite of the south winds over the last few days, birds have continued to come in. I think they have been backed up by the long lasting southerly winds, driving them to move regardless of wind direction. Warbler numbers were down today, as were sparrows. I did have my FOS Fox Sparrow at the Orchard yesterday. Rusty Blackbirds continue to come through with 31 seen this morning on Haven Road. Northern Harriers, Bald Eagles and Red-tailed Hawks were my only raptors today. The stars of the show today had to be the waterfowl! I birded the Birch Trail both south and north from the Main Boat Launch. On the south side, there was an abundance of waterfowl! Green-winged Teal were in their highest number yet with about 110 seen! Blue-winged Teal numbered a modest 10. Mallards weren’t as numerous as yesterday with on about 35 seen. I also had 8 Wood Ducks which was way down from recent days. There were about 150 Canada Geese. There was a single duck that looked good to me for a female Northern Shoveler, but it got lost in the masses in flight before I could confirm it. When I was done with most areas, I headed back to Haven Road. Here I almost immediately found an immature BRANT! The bird was feeding and resting in a mass of weeds. I hadn’t seen it earlier, so think it may have come in while I was gone. I was able to let a bunch of people know and Scott Baldinger, Arlene Borko, Jim Carney, Pete Schyler and Jeff Goulding were all able to come see it. It remained in the area of the bridge for a while after having moved there from the marsh. It suddenly began to vocalize right at 1 pm and the took off, flying high until it cleared the ridge and flew off to the south over Orange County. Great morning!
The Brant when it was out in the marsh.

The Brant when it was out in the marsh.

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2 Responses to Bashakill Waterfowl

  1. Excellent morning John. Nice job getting the Brant and the photos are awesome. That’s a bird I really like.

  2. It was nice thanks, I really enjoy when the waterfowl start to show up, and Brant isn’t always a given. Wish we could get them more often.

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