Excellent morning at the Bashakill

This morning I met Bruce Nott and for a time, Linda Lou Bartle on Haven Road. The place was alive with birds. Palm and Yellow-rumped Warblers were moving continually. Swamp and Song Sparrows as well. A couple of American Pipits flew over. Blackbirds were on the move. The best find of the morning was the ongoing MARSH WREN! This bird has been reported several times, but this was the first time I connected with it. It was a new county bird for Bruce. Great Egrets, Great Blue Herons and Bald Eagles were all present throughout the morning. At least two Savannah Sparrows foraged along the edge of the road. We finally pulled ourselves away from the continual activity to check on some birds at the Main Boat Launch. Though hunters had ducks pretty much moved out, fifty RUSTY BLACKBIRDS foraging right in front of the launch provided some nice entertainment. A great morning of birding!

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3 Responses to Excellent morning at the Bashakill

  1. scott j baldinger says:

    Hi John,
    Nice get on the Marsh Wren! Hoping it sticks so I can see it tomorrow. Did get to see one on Karen’s F.T. to 61/2. Maybe I can luck out and get it tomorrow for this year’s Sullivan County list. FYI: 15 Purple Finch at feeder station at 4 pm today. Personal high for me at our feeder station.

  2. Scott,
    I will be there in the morning to try to get a better photo. Hopefully it, and some new things that will have come in with the front will be there. John

  3. PS hopefully your feeding station will keep the finches and some more winter arrivals! Lets keep our fingers crossed!

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