Bashakill today.

A beautiful Palm Warbler photographed by Karen Miller.

A beautiful Palm Warbler photographed by Karen Miller.

This morning, Karen Miller, Scott Baldinger and I birded most of the hot spots at the Bashakill. I must caution people that hunting season opened today for Deer (bow), waterfowl and small game. Since it was the first day, it was extremely busy. Shots could be heard throughout the Bashakill and Bow Humters were also out in force. Use caution and dress in brightly colored clothes to avoid problems. With that said, we had a great morning of birding. The usual Common Gallinule, Great Egret and Great Blue Herons were easily seen. Northern Harriers and Red-tailed Hawks were present too. In the woods, warblers included Common Yellowthroat, Palm, Yellow-rumped, American Redstart, Black-throated Greens (many) and Magnolia. Sparrows were abundant. Eastern Towhees were everywhere and White-throated Sparrows abound. Lincoln’s, Swamp and Song rounded out the group. Another nice sighting was an American Woodcock on the Nature Trail. It was a really nice morning with great birding pals! Here I’ve included one of Karen’s nice shots of a Palm Warbler at the Deli Fields!

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3 Responses to Bashakill today.

  1. DAVID H WEISS says:

    What are the usual Bashakill hotspots? Thank you for your frequent reports.

  2. David,
    The usual hotspots are the Orchard/Stop Sign Trail off Haven Road, The Nature Trail off the south end of South Road, and the Deli Fields in Westbrookville off RT. 209. These are the premier birding sites (with of course Haven Road) and the best spots to bird on migration. John

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