Silence is Golden………………….NOT!

My first of the fall season AMERICAN PIPIT at Morningside Park today.

My first of the fall season AMERICAN PIPIT at Morningside Park today.

For anyone wondering where my usual posts have been recently, the above title says it all. The constant south/southeast winds we have been having have all but halted what little migration that had been taking place. With that said, there are still some interesting birds to be seen. The Great Egret show at the Bashakill continues. Today, Karen Miller and I saw at least 20 Great Egrets, most of them in the back bay by the Pine Boat Launch. Common Gallinule juveniles continue along Haven Road, though adults haven’t been seen in several weeks. Merlins seem to show up quite regularly to keep everything moving around. At Morningside Park, the shorebird show has also become stagnant. The same half a dozen species are being seen, with some change over of individuals, but no new species for the year showing up. This has been one of our best years for SEMIPALMATED PLOVER with anywhere from one to seven individuals being present. Today, there were three. One first of the season that did show up this morning was a fall AMERICAN PIPIT! I just love it when these birds begin to arrive. Though rather subtle, they are really quite beautiful. By the way, the habitat at Morningside is just perfect with an abundance of mud flats. Now if we can just get some birds moving. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that we will soon be getting and influx of vireos and warblers which have all but disappeared over the last several days. Lets hope for some northwest winds accompanied by some much needed rain!

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