More Baird’s Sandpipers!

I got a call from Bruce Nott first thing this morning informing me he had some distant “grasspipers” at the Warren Sod Farm on Rt. 12 in Orange County. This is the heart of the “Black Dirt Region”. I headed down, stopping to check Turtle Bay on my way. There were about 55 Killdeer there. On to the sod farm. There I met Bruce, Linda Scrima and Karen Miller. The birds had flown (tremendous amount of truck traffic there this morning) and we all searched to try to relocate them. Kathy Ashman and Scott and Paula Baldinger eventually joined us. As I was scanning up one of the side fields, sifting through a large flock of Killdeer, the two BAIRD’S SANDPIPERS flew in just a short distance up the field from me. I alerted all the others who were searching and we eventually all got great looks at the birds. Thanks Bruce for finding them and alerting us to their presence! Linda Scrima had been to Six and a Half Station Roads Citgo Pond earlier and had the Baird’s Sandpiper there as well. We are at the peak of shorebird season and it is beginning nicely! From there I headed to Morningside Park. The list of birds is about the same, with a few more of this and a few less of that. Snipe, Killdeer, Semipalmated Plover, Least and Spotted Sandpipers are all present. I am keeping vigil, knowing something good is about to show up!

Two Semipalmated Plovers and a Least Sandpiper at Morningside.

Two Semipalmated Plovers and a Least Sandpiper at Morningside.

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