Montezuma NWR

A distant shot of the Black-necked Stilt at Montezuma NWR. My second BNST in two weeks.

A distant shot of the Black-necked Stilt at Montezuma NWR. My second BNST in two weeks.

This morning I had some errands to do in Monticello. From there, I had to go to Delaware County to do some followup on a bird reported there. I was done with everything by 9am. What was I going to do for the rest of the day? I decided, with an hours travel already under my belt, to head back to Montezuma NWR to try for the Eurasian Wigeon that has been being seen the last few days. Along with the wigeon, I could make another try for the Prothonotary Warbler. Almost immediately after my arrival I spotted the BLACK-NECKED STILT that has been present for about a week now. It hard to imagine how difficult a bird this is for New York State. My first record was in 1998! My second just two weeks ago and now to see it a third time only two weeks later is quite amazing. That wasn’t however my target bird. I searched for the wigeon without success, so I decided to give it a while and head over to Armitage Road to try for the warbler. I searched back and forth, but didn’t hear the bird singing and failed to spot it initially. As I stood along a small inlet along the river, scanning the upper canopy, a bird flew down right in front of me. I figured it would be another Yellow Warbler or Redstart. I stepped forward, looking down at the edge of the inlet, and there was the PROTHONOTARY WARBLER taking a drink from the edge! It then flew up and perched in a nearby tree giving great views. Satisfied, I headed back for the wigeon. I never found it though. 15 Sandhill Cranes and 4 Caspian Terns were the other highlights of the day! You may have noticed a lack of photos lately. I have been having trouble with my camera, which finally died. I got a new one today, so hopefully there will be more photos in the very near future.

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