Dutchess County Yellow-breasted Chat -yes!

This morning I birded the Hopeland trail in Statsburg, Dutchess County. My target bird was the YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT that has been being seen for the last couple of weeks. I birded with Katie Stewart and Eamon Frieburger. I arrived a 7:30 am and searched for a long time without success. I spoke with Carena Pooth who informed me I was in the right spot, so I continued.(thanks Carena!) At 9:30, Katie Stewart arrived. She had photographed the bird yesterday and showed me all the additional spots it was seen. We were later joined by Eamon. Finally, at 10:15 am, the Chat began to sing (toot, toot, toot, grunt, grunt) at the base of a small tree in the midst of a field of brush. Katie informed me that that was the same tree she photographed it in yesterday. The Chat stopped singing, only to start again briefly about forty feet to the left of the tree. We thought it would begin to get more active, but it never did. Once half an hour passed, we decided to leave, having to be content with just hearing it. This is a very birdy area, I had 36 species here alone. Brown Thrashers were everywhere, as were Prairie Warblers.

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