Montezuma NWR – GARGANEY YES!!

15 Sandhill Cranes at Knox-Marcellus Marsh. One is sitting down on far right.

15 Sandhill Cranes at Knox-Marcellus Marsh. One is sitting down on far right.

This morning I once again headed to Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge to try for the GARGANEY. My friend Eddie called me en-route to inform me it was being seen. Apparently, shortly before I arrived, the ducks had all been flushed by an eagle and the Garganey could not be relocated. When I arrived, I couldn’t even find birders. I began to scan the marsh when Bill Purcell came up and filled me in on all the happenings. We spent the rest of the day searching the entire area time and time again. Many more birders eventually arrived. Late this afternoon, Mike Tetlow and friends arrived and joined the search. A short time later, Mike spotted the bird from Tow Path Road. The others with him got to see the bird as it came into view and then, it flushed again. He alerted us all, and eventually, another eagle put everything up. We all returned to East Road, where someone spotted the bird again. We all got on it and eventually had great looks through our scopes. Unfortunately, the bird was too distant for me to get a photo. It was a great afternoon! Other highlights of the day included a LEAST BITTERN which Bill put us on to. 15 Sandhill Cranes were nice as were 3 Black Terns. Waders included a dozen Great Blue Herons and 7 Great Egrets. A single Snow Goose was among the Canada Geese. Great birding!

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5 Responses to Montezuma NWR – GARGANEY YES!!

  1. Karen C M says:

    You worked hard for that bird! Congratulations!

  2. Jim says:

    What NY State Bird# is this for you ?

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