Bashakill – Thursday and Friday

Migration seemed to be on hold the last couple of days. That said, some birds did move. Acadian and Yellow-bellied Flycatchers were seen in good numbers in the area. Thursday was best for YBFL while Friday for ACFL. Tom Burke and Gail Benson birded the Bashakill and environs today and found many of the good birds. They first found two Mourning Warblers, one at the Stop Sign and the other at Moose Head Cove. A couple of Tennessee Warblers were in the same general area. The male Hooded Warbler continued at the corner of Haven Road and the entrance to the Orchard, just off to the west near the foot bridge. Swainson’s Thrush were way down today and no Gray-cheeked Thrush were seen. All the usual breeding birds were present. Surprisingly, Eastern Wood Pewee, which were found in several spots yesterday, were unfound (at least by me and anyone I spoke to) today. Willow Flycatchers are now regular on the marsh, but yesterday’s Alder was not seen nor heard. Hopefully more is yet to come, we are still missing many species and many birds in any number.

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