My FOS Yellow-billed Cuckoo at the Orchard.

My FOS Yellow-billed Cuckoo at the Orchard.

Many birders were present at the Bashakill this morning. Birds were in fairly decent numbers, though slightly down from earlier in the week. The bird of the day was not seen by me. Early this morning, Lance Verderame found a YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT on the Stop Sign Trail. Unfortunately, in keeping with Chat protocol, the bird vanished before the rest of us could get to see it. Congratulations to Lance for a great find. Warblers were active, with Blue-winged, Magnolia, Canada, Hooded, Blackpoll, Yellow, BT Blue and Wilson’s seen, the later two by Scott Baldinger. Both Waterthrush and the usual Yellow, Yellow-throat, Ovenbird and Redstart were all abundant. Yellow-billed Cuckoos really moved in over the last few days. I had my FOS this morning, as well as two more. Flycatchers are now in. Acadian, Willow, Wood Pewee, Least are all relatively easy to find. Alder may still be a problem, I haven’t seen one since Wednesday. Yellow-bellied seem to have passed through. Another good find (again by Lance) was a Gray-cheekded Thrush on the Nature Trail. This one wasn’t as cooperative, and took flight without me getting a photo. It should still be around, at least for the day. Scarlet Tanager and Baltimore Orioles are everywhere.

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