The Bashakill and McDonald Road/Linear Park

A beautiful GRAY-CHEEKED THRUSH in the area where they are commonly seen, "Thrush Point" on the Nature Trail.

A beautiful GRAY-CHEEKED THRUSH in the area where they are commonly seen, “Thrush Point” on the Nature Trail.

Today, Lance Verderame and I birded the above areas. The radar last night indicated major movement of migrants. The Bashakill experienced a little of this movement, but I think many birds passed over us. That said, many birds did touch down and we had a great day. The most notable increase of birds occurred in the thrush family. We had increased numbers of both Wood Thrush and Veery, which were both already well represented. The other thrush families had also increased in numbers. Lance had a singing Hermit Thrush, which has already passed through for the most part. Swainson’s Thrush were present on the Stop Sign Trail (1) and the Nature Trail (6). This is the highest count of this species so far this spring. There was a single GRAY-CHEEKED THRUSH on the portion of the Nature Trail we refer to as “Thrush Point”. It certainly lived up to its name today with four of the five species seen well there. At least a dozen thrush were present throughout this area. To reach it, take the trail out from the board walk, around the left side of the sand pit and on out to the observation tower. It should be productive over the next couple of weeks if history repeats itself. Warblers were present in modest numbers, but Lance and I each had or FOS HOODED WARBLER on the Nature Trail. Blue-winged, Canada, Black-throated Blue and all the more common warblers were present. Our best bird at the Orchard was our FOS BLACK-BILLED CUCKOO! From the Bashakill, we went to McDonald Road and Linear Park Trail. It was quite birdy here and we added our FOS INDIGO BUNTINGS (3) and WILLOW FLYCATCHER. All the usual suspects were present along this trail.

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