A three county day.

A nice male Grasshopper Sparrow at the Shawangunk Grasslands.

A nice male Grasshopper Sparrow at the Shawangunk Grasslands.

I birded the Bashakill for a couple of hours this morning with Karen Miller, then birded in Orange and Ulster Counties with Lance Verderame. The Bashakill was quite birdy, but I missed a couple of birds that would have been new for the year for me. Warblers were in decent numbers, with 16 species seen. All the usual early migrants were present, but there are still many species that have yet to be seen. I met Lance and we headed to Six and a Half Station Road where we had some good birds. A Virginia Rail is always nice at this spot and we had one this morning. Marsh Wrens are in and their numbers are decent. We had at least 5 or 6 singing this morning along with one House Wren. Mud flats are scarce and we only managed Least and Spotted Sandpipers. From there, we traveled to Ulster County and the Shawangunk Grasslands. We stopped at Bates Lane a couple of times, but could not find any Upland Sandpipers. At the grasslands, we had excellent results. We had the following species: Bobolink (20), Eastern Meadowlark (2), Eastern Kingbird (2), Willow Flycatcher (1), GRASSHOPPER SPARROWS (4), and Savannah Sparrows, at least 4, American Kestrel (1). Nice morning!
A nice male Bobolink

A nice male Bobolink

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