Bashakill Migration

Blue-winged Warbler at the Orchard off Haven Road.

Blue-winged Warbler at the Orchard off Haven Road.

Sorry for the late post, but I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time in the field the last couple of days and that will continue through the upcoming weekend. The endless rain continues and it looks like that will be the case through the weekend as well. That said, there has been some good birding. Arlene Borko, Scott Baldinger, Karen Miller, Lance Verderame and I have all spent considerable time at the Bashakill and it has paid off nicely. We have had a nice flow of migrants this week with a total of 22 species of warblers seen. Highlights have included: Cape May, Worm-eating, Blue-winged, Nashville, Cerulean, Prairie and Hooded. With Lance and Scott’s Orange-crowned Warbler from last week that brings to 23 the number of warblers seen so far. Other migrants have included all four regular spring vireos, Baltimore and Orchard Orioles, Grosbeak and Tanager. All of the birds have been seen in modest numbers thus far and there have been no real fallouts at the Bashakill. Elsewhere in the county things have been fairly quiet. An occasional Bonaparte’s Gull and Common Tern have been seen. Many species have yet to come through and hopefully a real push will take place this weekend. Sullivan County’s “Break-a-hundred Day” takes place this weekend as well as many bird club field trips from around the region. Hopefully it will be a great weekend, see you all out there!

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