Florida Wrap Up

I will be traveling home this weekend and wanted to make a few comments about my spring trip. This, for me, was one for the record books. I usually have a pretty good trip birding wise, but this one excelled. I was able to add 10 new species to my Florida list. This brings me quite close to 300 for the state (not sure, left my total list home). Of the ten species, 3 were new ABA birds, CUBAN VIREO (lifer), MANGROVE CUCKOO and PACIFIC GOLDEN-PLOVER! One of the biggest highlights of the trip besides those birds was spending an entire day with two SWAINSON’S WARBLERS! The next highlight after that was seeing more CAPE MAY and BLACKPOLL WARBERS than I have ever seen! It was a truly great trip, one I will never forget. For anyone who might be interested, I have created a new page “Florida Spring ’16 Photos” These are photos that didn’t make it into any previous post. Just click on that title in the above list of pages, Enjoy! See you at home!

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2 Responses to Florida Wrap Up

  1. scott j baldinger says:

    Hi John
    Really enjoyed following your blog for this trip! See you back on the Bash!

  2. Thanks Scott! I just looked at the county list……eeeeesh, I don’t think I’ve ever been this far behind. I will enjoy catching up though! See you next week!

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