Harns Marsh and Bonita Beach

My FOS Wilson's Plover on Bonita Beach

My FOS Wilson’s Plover on Bonita Beach

Birding has been a bit on the quiet side the last couple of days. I spent the morning at Harn’s Marsh yesterday. My goal was to finally get a good shot of Gray-headed Swamphen. That didn’t happen. I searched and searched for them, about to give up when I spotted a pair of Otter’s cavorting in a dry area of the marsh. They knew I was there and made photos difficult (what I got looks like two brown balls). I watched them at length until they worked their way far into the marsh. Once they out of sight, and the direction they went in, two Gray-headed Swamphens took off, flying well across the marsh and landing deep in the vegetation about fifty feet from each other. It was neat to see, but if not for the Otters I would have missed them entirely. The highlight of a nice morning was a total of five LEAST BITTERNS! Three of them were in one stand of Alligator Flag, calling, and eventually getting into a tussle. They chased each other around for several minutes, coming in and out of the vegetation in several spots. The aggressor seemed to have the upper hand, eventually chasing one out of the spot entirely. That left two, I assume a pair, to themselves. Further down the trail, I flushed what was my fifth LB of the morning, this one held still for a couple of minutes allowing some distant shots. Back at Bonita Beach this morning, a walk to the point yielded my first Sandwich Terns here this trip and my first Wilson’s Plover of the trip as well.
A distant shot of one of the Least Bitterns at Harns Marsh.

A distant shot of one of the Least Bitterns at Harns Marsh.

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