A Relaxing Day

Three Manatees pass by the condo this morning.

Three Manatees pass by the condo this morning.

I found myself enjoying a little R and R today. It made for few birds, but wasn’t without its interesting moments. We spent quite a bit of time on the beach, finally got in the water, and enjoyed the local denizens there. The nicest surprise was having three Manatees swim by. I was hoping they would come into the tiny lagoon formed by a sandbar just off our beach, but they didn’t. It would have made for some awesome shots. Instead, I got my usual heads up for air shots, but it was fun seeing them none the less. I don’t think we have ever missed them at the condo on our spring trips. A Gopher Tortoise in a feeding frenzy was also nice. He would chomp on a sprig of weeds, chew it up and move to the next one much faster than you would think a tortoise would move. The birds were typical with Least Terns, Laughing Gulls and Magnificent Frigatebirds being the most numerous.
The Gopher Tortoise chowing down.

The Gopher Tortoise chowing down.

Least Terns are the most common bird on our beach right now.

Least Terns are the most common bird on our beach right now.

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2 Responses to A Relaxing Day

  1. Harris Abramson says:

    John- Looks like you’re having great success in Florida. Thank you for posting. Wanted to ask about the 5 least bittern at Harns Marsh. I stood next to you for a few minutes looking for the bird you had just seen around 0945. The bird did eventually fly to another patch of reeds so thank you for putting me onto it. But in the next hour or so you found 4 more birds! Were these spotted along the same stretch of Marsh between the parking area and the “swamphen corner?” Did you use playback to lure them out? In any case excellent effort – thanks too for ebirding.


    • Harris,
      How on earth did you figure out who I am and that I have this blog? I’m impressed! At any rate, no, I don’t use or have any method of call back tapes. I was wishing I could get your attention about the Least Bitterns. When I reached the area where the photographer told me to search for the swamphens, A Least Bittern was calling. As I searched it out, another started calling back. This started a riot. Three LB came into view, one attacking another and a chase ensued all around this one section of Alligator Flag. I wasn’t able to get any shots as they zoomed around too much, ultimately disappearing into the vegetation. I continued on around the bend several hundred yards and flushed yet another LB which flew across the marsh, landed and remained in view for several minutes. That is the one I got the distant shots of. Clearly there is a lot of activity going on with this species right now, so you may want to go back and try some more. If you do, good luck and enjoy. Best, John

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