Bashakill Movements

A few of the Blue-winged Teal along the Birch Trail this morning.

A few of the Blue-winged Teal along the Birch Trail this morning.

I birded the Bashakill again this morning. There was a lot of movement going on and it was clear there had been migrating birds coming through overnight. When I arrived at the parking lot on Haven Road I noticed a large flock of Juncos migrating. They flew in high, landed for a few minutes in the very tree tops then took off heading north. This is the first I’ve noted active migrating Juncos this year. As I watched them, I heard a familiar but new for the year song. I had my FOS PINE WARBLERS at the parking area. The two birds flew off to the Pine Point across the road shortly thereafter. On Haven Road near the bridge, there were tremendous numbers of swallows. Looking out over the kill in both directions swarms of swallows were feeding. At least fifty Tree Swallows were also perched on the wires. I was sure there would be a Barn Swallow among them, but no luck. Just when I thought there were just the Trees, two FOS NORTHERN ROUGH-WINGED SWALLOWS flew right past the bridge! On to the Main Boat Launch and Birch Trail. The duck scene remained about the same with fewer Ring-necks and Black seen. Green-winged Teal numbers remain high with at least 62 counted this morning. Wood Ducks were abundant with 125 counted, 90 flushed from the Birch Trail. The highlight for me was finding 10 BLUE-WINGED TEAL along the Birch Trail. 7 of them were about a third of the way out and were rather cooperative, and they never flushed. In the big group of Wood Ducks out closer to the tower there were another 3 Blue-wings, a total of 7 drakes and 3 hens. Phoebes and Fox Sparrows were still in good numbers and I had 16 Rusty Blackbirds again this morning. Great day!

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2 Responses to Bashakill Movements

  1. Kent Shirky says:

    Great stuff!
    Was a pleasure meeting up with you again shortly this afternoon at the main boat launch. Good luck to you as spring progresses, and I’ll do my best to enjoy Long Island birding for you!

  2. Nice to see you too! Perhaps I’ll run into you on one of my trips to the island. It is great birding! Enjoy, John

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