Bashakill Area Association Annual Waterfowl and Early Spring Migration Walk

This morning I led a group of 34 enthusiastic birders on a walk around the Bashakill looking for waterfowl and any early migrants we might find. It was a cool morning in the forties, but bright sunshine. We began on Haven Road. Highlights here included Mallards, Black Ducks, Wood Ducks, Green-winged Teal, Killdeer and Wilson’s Snipe. From there we went to the Main Boat Launch. Here we had great looks at the Bald Eagles and a couple of Red=tailed Hawks. Out near the island were three BLUE-WINGED TEAL which showed beautifully in the early morning light. Also present here were Bufflehead, Pied-billed Grebe and Ring-necked Duck. Along the Birch Trail we had a large flock of Tree Swallows, Swamp Sparrows and a couple of Eastern Phoebes. Out near the tower, we finally located three of the American Coot that have been present recently. We ended the morning with 38 species, having missed a few seen by others, but it was a great morning.

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