Sullivan County – after the storms!

I started my morning at Yankee Lake across the street from my home. As I suspected, the storms that hit last night between early evening and midnight put down many birds on the lake. 37 Ring-necked Duck, 4 Lesser Scaup, 2 FOS Long-tailed Duck and 30 Bufflehead were among the highlights. From there I went on to Kiamesha Lake with similar results. Highlights here included FOS BONAPARTE’S GULL, 2 more Lesser Scaup, 15 Ring-necked Duck, 4 American Wigeon, 2 Hooded Mergansers, 5 Common Mergansers and 3 Goldeneye. I alerted Bill Fiero and Scott Baldinger, both of whom met me there to see the birds. Bill and I headed to Neversink Reservoir from there where we had 3 Long-tailed Duck, 2 Common Mergansers and 32 Bufflehead. We then headed to the Bashakill. Things remained about the same there. We couldn’t get through South Road because of a road crew. Bill decided to head home, but I crossed Haven Road again where I now found my FOS GADWALL, 9 of them. A really productive morning overall!

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2 Responses to Sullivan County – after the storms!

  1. Bill Fiero says:

    4 new Sullivan birds and a great morning to catch up! Thanks, JH!

  2. That’s great! Good to see you, it was a good morning.

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