Sullivan County

Immature Bald Eagle at the Bashakill

Immature Bald Eagle at the Bashakill

This morning I headed up county early, hoping for a Eastern Meadowlark. No luck. I did have lots of new birds in many areas. Birds that have come in in abundance the last few days included Killdeer, Fish Crow, Eastern Bluebirds and Song Sparrows. I had a total of 13 Killdeer, 7 Fish Crow and at least 100 Song Sparrows which were singing everywhere I went. Eventually I worked my way back to the valley for a little time at the Bashakill. When I arrived on Haven Road, a very cooperative immature Bald Eagle was eating a fish on the muskrat mound in the channel. Several people were watching it and quite happy to see it. A couple of adult Bald Eagles were around as well. I went to the main boat launch from there. It wasn’t too birdy, as a kayak was out in the channel and a row boat had just come in. I went back to Haven Road and had one of my nicest sightings of the day, my first spring sighting of Kathy Ashman and Mary Buskey! Always great to see them. As we scanned from Haven Road, an adult Bald Eagle flew through. As it went toward the Pine Boat Launch, it put up a couple of hundred ducks! At least 100 Black Ducks which was my highest count so far this year. Most of the rest were Mallards with a Wood Duck and Northern Pintail or two mixed in. Great morning! It was nearly 80 degrees by the time I headed home for lunch!

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  1. Maryangela Buskey says:

    Great seeing you too!

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