A great morning at the Bashakill today as our spring-like weather continues. Sparrows are coming in, with much higher numbers of both Song and Fox Sparrows seen. Blackbirds continue to come through in big numbers, but I only saw two Rusty Blackbirds today. I had my first real movement of Fish Crows as well, with five of them flying across Haven Road at about the same time that two Killdeer flew over. The highlight of the morning for me was at the Deli Fields. My fourth flock of migrating Canada Geese came over the ridge from Orange County. As I went to count them, I immediately noted that the second bird in the large “V” was much smaller. I got on the bird with my bins. It was half the size of the Canada Geese with a short stocky neck. Our first CACKLING GOOSE in two years! Clearly one of the several that have been being seen in Orange County recently. The birds continued to gain altitude, migrating north. As I was watching, my FOS RING-NECKED PHEASANT began calling on the far side of the fields. Great morning!

PS lots of ducks Northern Pintails, Green-winged Teal, American Wigeon and Ring-necked Ducks all in higher numbers today!

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