Bashakill Golden Eagle

I birded the Bashakill this morning, finding most of the on-going waterfowl that has been present over the last several days. Notable misses were American Wigeon and Common Mergansers, neither of which were seen. The Northern Pintails continue, but were quite distant this morning over in the area of the Osprey nest out from the Main Boat Launch. The 16 Green-winged Teal continue out from the Pine Boat Launch. I was only able to count 81 Ring-necked Ducks this morning, all off Haven Road, but distant. I had observed two immature Bald Eagles flying low along the kill and eventually up on the ridge shortly after I arrived. Just as I was about to finish up on Haven Road, I spotted what I thought was one of the immature Bald Eagles again just above the ridge. I put my bins on it just to confirm, and realized it wasn’t a Bald Eagle. I got my scope out again and got on the bird. All brown with golden nape, small head with thick neck and dihedral was evident. I watched it for a couple of minutes as it soared over the ridge. At that point an immature Bald Eagle came in and the size difference was clear. Suddenly the Golden went after the Bald and chased it right over the top of the ridge out of sight. Nice morning!

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