Bashakill Waterfowl

Drake Northern Pintail

Drake Northern Pintail

The last three days have been a rollercoaster of weather conditions. Snow, rain, sleet and freezing rain. Temps ranging from a high of sixty degrees to a low of twenty. Torrential rains overnight Wednesday through mid-day Thursday did little to deter waterfowl movement. When the rains stopped at mid-day yesterday, there was an abundance of birds present. Most have been easily seen from either Haven Road (today under water) or the Main Boat Launch. Periodically, the Pine Boat Launch has been good from the parking lot and the tower. Here is a list of the waterfowl and a few other species seen. I have added my high count for each species over the last three days.

Canada Goose – 400
Mute Swan – 1
Wood Duck – 31
American Wigeon – 6
American Black Duck – 44
Mallard – 100
Northern Pintail – 3
Green-winged Teal – 8
Ring-necked Duck – 18
Bufflehead – 1
Common Merganser – 41
Hooded Merganser – 6
Golden-crowned Kinglet – 3
Brown Creeper – 1
Red-winged Blackbird – 50+
Common Grackle – 12

It is only late February so this is a good start to late winter migration.

American Wigeon Pair

American Wigeon Pair

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