Great Day!

Lark Sparrow at Croton Point Park

Lark Sparrow at Croton Point Park

With a deep freeze in place (17 degrees this morning) I decided to do some birding by car. I headed down to Westchester Counties Croton Point Park . I stopped in Peekskill on the way where I picked up 7 GREAT CORMORANTS on the tower in mid river. At Croton Point, I quickly found the ongoing LARK SPARROW. I was just about to leave the park when I got a call from Bruce Nott. He had found a RED-NECKED GREBE on Lake Washington in Newburgh. I changed my plans and headed directly there. Bruce was waiting when I arrived and got me right on the bird. Unfortunately, it had moved well across the lake by the time I arrived and though we had good scope views, no photos were possible. Bruce was able to get some good shots earlier though. Bruce offered to show me around some of his birding spots and I was able to pick up a few more new birds. GREAT BLUE HERONS were new for the year as was a nice BARRED OWL. I told Bruce I was headed to the Grasslands to try for some of the birds there and he joined me for the trip. We first stopped on Bates Lane where we found many hundreds of geese. Most were on the pond on the upper porting of the road. I guestimate there were at least 1500 geese. It didn’t take long until I spotted the ongoing GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE. Extensive searching among the throngs of birds finally produced a CACKLING GOOSE. This small bird was impossible to photograph in mid-water among so many larger birds. The GWFG cooperated by getting out of the water and parking on the bank. From there we headed over to Shawangunk Grasslands. On the way we spotted 7 TURKEYS which were new. At the grasslands, as many as 8 NORTHERN HARRIERS were putting on a show. Finally, at 4:45, two SHORT-EARED OWLS came up and added to the performance. Many thanks Bruce for a great afternoon!
Greater White-fronted Goose on the bank of the pond on Bates Lane.

Greater White-fronted Goose on the bank of the pond on Bates Lane.

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4 Responses to Great Day!

  1. kcmiller says:

    You’re doing some good birding lately!!

  2. Truth Muller says:

    What a great start to the year! Love the photo of that sparrow.

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