Southwest Florida Wrap Up

though the photographers among you may cringe, this isn't a bad shot for me. (I can't take a flight shot to save my life!)

though the photographers among you may cringe, this isn’t a bad shot for me. (I can’t take a flight shot to save my life!)

This is my final post from beautiful Bonita Beach Florida. It has been a great trip with fantastic weather and some great birds. This trip was really focused on relaxing, and I did a lot of that. I was able to walk the beach, swim, pick shells and just truly enjoy the beauty of this wonderful area which I have been visiting now for forty years! Highlights of the trip included two new Florida state birds, MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRD and NELSON’S SPARROW. The Florida irruption of FRANKLIN’S GULLS is only the second occurrence like this, the first just last year. Oddly enough, this irruption is totally unrelated to the irruption in the northeast (at least that’s what they say). I also had a particular focus for this trip. Since I’ve been birding Lee County for forty years, but my ebird list doesn’t show many of the species I’ve seen here. I decided to get as many species in the county as I could this trip and then figure out the species, dates and places to try bring my county list up to where it should be when I get home. That worked pretty well. I should be able to figure it all out this winter. I can’t recommend this area more to anyone interested in birding Florida! I ended my trip with 116 species! Believe it or not, that is an all time low for me. Still, I birded with some great people and enjoyed my time immensely. Eddie had a great time too, just relaxing and watching the beach and the wonderful sunsets! We can’t wait to come back next year, pushing toward a fifty year anniversary here. If anyone would like some pointers on visiting and birding the area, please feel free to contact me.

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