Bashakill – a nice morning of birding

I birded the Bashakill this morning looking for some new birds. Sparrow numbers were down, and I still haven’t found a Vesper Sparrow there. Still hoping for a good photo of one this year. In fact, all the passerines have been eluding my camera. That said, there were some nice birds around. Yesterdays flock of 24 AMERICAN PIPITS on Haven Road were down to just four today. There were still quite a few Yellow-rumped and Palm Warblers around. On the Winter Berries on Haven Road, I was pleased to find a GRAY-CHEEKED THRUSH with two Hermit Thrush. Also a WINTER WREN was a nice find. At the Deli Fields, there is a deer carcass behind the Sycamore Trees on the left side of the field. A Raven and a Bald Eagle were both feeding there. A now getting late LINCOLN’S SPARROW was nice to see. Back at Haven Road around noon, I was hearing frogs? I thought a minute and then as the frogs got louder……..duh! 225 BRANT were flying over the ridge just to the north and it brought them right over Haven Road. I don’t always get this bird in the county, so I was really glad to see them. Nice morning!

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