Bashakill Dunlin Update

This afternoon I returned to the Bashakill just after 4 pm. I was hoping the Dunlin would still be there, as some people were still planning on coming to see it. It was still there! I watched the bird for a bit and was checking out some other birds when a woman pulled up. She wasn’t really a birder, but said that her mother is an avid birder. She was happy to see the Dunlin. She left shortly thereafter and I continued scanning through the sparrows. Suddenly, I heard another shorebird calling. I recognized it as a PECTORAL SANDPIPER! Initially I thought that was pretty neat. That didn’t last long. As the Pec passed over, calling as it went, the Dunlin took off and joined it, flying side by side. They flew around several times, gaining altitude as they went. They finally headed off to the southwest until I could see them no longer. Oh well, at least Mary Buskey and five others of us got to see this neat little bird before it took off.

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