Bashakill – lots of movement overnight

Two of the ten Rusty Blackbirds at the Nature Trail.

Two of the ten Rusty Blackbirds at the Nature Trail.

The Bashakill was quite active this morning. I had my highest counts of sparrows so far this fall with Song, Swamp and White-throated Sparrows in good numbers. The Nature Trail had so many birds that all you could hear and see were the birds flitting through the leaf litter and trees. The best find here were ten RUSTY BLACKBIRDS in an Oak Tree at the intersection by the sand pit. At the Deli Fields, Chipping Sparrows were in good numbers as were Palm and Yellow-rumped Warblers. The lone WHITE-CROWNED SPARROW continues. At the back parking area just before the boat launch, there were several thrush in the Concord Grape and Virginia Creeper vines. A Swainson’s and three Hermit Thrush were nice, but I was happiest to see my FOS GRAY-CHEEKED THRUSH! Movement went the other way as well. After several days of Ruby-crowned Kinglets being everywhere, today I had only six in the entire Bashakill. Likewise, I had only one Catbird the entire morning.

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