Orange County Long-billed Dowitcher

Last night, Matt Zeitler alerted me to the presence of a dowitcher at 6 1/2 Station Road that he believed to be a Long-billed. After viewing his photos, I was sure he was right. I’m not positive who found this bird, but it may have been Bruce Nott. I know that he got to see it on Sunday. At any rate, today I headed down to see the bird and get some additional photos if I could. The bird was quite cooperative and I got many shots. It is indeed a LONG-BILLED DOWITCHER! This is quite amazing. This species has only been recorded a few times in our area, and now this is the third one in two weeks in Orange and Sullivan Counties. By the way, my photos conclusively show that this bird is in a different stage of molt than the other two. I have attached my shots of the bird. Click on the photos to enlarge for best viewing size. Then put the arrow icon on the bird. It will become a magnifying glass. Click on the tertials and scapulars for the best look at them. You will see that the scapulars which haven’t molted yet are black centered with no rufous streaks in them. The tertials are plain with no cross barring (as in short-billed) and have pale edges. These two sets of field marks confirm the identification as a Long-billed Dowitcher. Thanks to Matt and Bruce for alerting me to this bird.

all the necessary field marks can easily be seen in this shot.

all the necessary field marks can easily be seen in this shot.

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