Morningside Park and Summitville Hawk Watch

Morningside Park has continued to have shorebirds over the last several days. It has been a bit lackluster after Tuesdays fabulous finds. Shorebirds present the last couple of days include Killdeer, Least, Semipalmated and Spotted Sandpipers and Greater Yellowlegs. The Great Egret has also been present for a couple of days again, being harassed by the Great Blue Herons as usual. The most interesting thing about Morningside this week was that two days ago I arrived to find that several islands and peninsulas of islands had sunken beneath the water. This always disturbs me due to the fact that I realize the season is coming to an end. You can’t imagine my surprise this morning when I kayaked around. NO, the islands didn’t come back up. Instead, a huge island, nearly 175 feet long and 15 feet wide had emerged from the water. I had kayaked through several sections of this area just yesterday! This has got to be one of the strangest lakes in the northeast! At any rate, I’m happy to have lots of habitat for the coming weeks at this special Shorebird location. On to the Hawk Watch. A good start to the week early on fizzled by Tuesday. The West-north-west winds failed and so did the birds. While other local watches prospered under these conditions, Summitville did not. Thankfully, as of today, winds changed again. This brought a new flight of birds to our area. Also a nice change was the fact that I met a new Hawk Watcher today. Jon Wildey joined me for a good part of the day. He is a former Hawk Watch participant from Mt. Peter. I was really pleased to find that he knows his stuff! We had a great day, tallying 380 raptors! I look forward to Jon returning, its a great help to have an extra set of skilled eyes, and nice to have some company on the tower.

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