Morningside Park and the Bashakill

Hoping for some new shorebirds, I kayaked Morningside Park first thing this morning. There was a nice assortment of the expected species, but nothing special. Here is the list:
Great Blue Heron 2
Green Heron 1
Least Sandpiper 8
Spotted Sandpiper 4
Killdeer 2
Semipalmated Plover 2
Lesser Yellowlegs 1

At the Bashakill, Karen Miller and I met my friends visiting from Florida, Bob and Mary Wexler. We went to the Nature Trail where we met up with Scott Baldinger, Wilma Amthor and Ajit Anthony. Together we all birded for a couple of hours. While it wasn’t quite a birdy today, we did have some nice movement. Black-throated Blue, Prairie, Magnolia, Black and White, Blackburnian, Blue-winged Warbler, American Redstart, Common Yellowthroat and Ovenbird were all seen. I missed Canada Warbler seen by others. Baltimore Orioles and three Vireos were also present. Noticeable in their absence were thrushes of any kind. On the marsh we had only Common Gallinules and Great Blue Herons. The Deli Fields continue to be very active with House Sparrows, Phoebes, Bluebirds, Indigo Bunting, Song Sparrows and Cedar Waxwings. A very nice day of birding.

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