Warblers and More

I’ve been very busy these last several days and yet still managing to fit in some birding here and there. The Bashakill has been the happening place since about Friday. The northwest winds at the end of the week put down some nice birds and a few good mixed species flocks could be found around the Bashakill. 19 species of Wood Warblers have been seen in the county in that period. I myself have had only 15 species. The highlight of my finds was a Cape May Warbler at Morningside Park. I’ve had all the others at the Bashakill. Thrush have really come on the scene again as well. A good group of probably half a dozen Wood Thrush, 1 Swainson’s Thrush (seen again today)a few Veery’s and Robins have been feeding on the abundant ripening grapes at the Nature Trail. There are others at Orchard and Horseshoe Parking lot. Tanagers and Orioles are being seen daily again, but though I’ve heard them reported, I haven’t had a grosbeak yet. All in all, its been very good birding. Today, it had diminished somewhat, but hopefully many of the birds are still around and many more are on their way.

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