Morningside Park and Bashakill

I went up early to kayak Morningside, Least, Spotted and Solitary Sandpipers as well as Killdeer were the only shorebirds present. I then headed to the Bashakill where at first it wasn’t very birdy. I hit the Pine Boat Launch, Orchard and then the Horseshoe Parking lot with very few birds noted. I decided to give the Nature Trail a shot anyway and was really glad I did. At first, the results were the same, nothing. As I neared the opening to the Sand Pit, I heard Chickadees. That’s always a good sign and this time it was a really good sign. A large mixed species flock was just coming in from the Sand Pit area and I just stood and let them stream through to me. I must have stood there nearly a half an hour. The birds kept coming. Also at this spot, I had a SWAINSON’S THRUSH! Scott Baldinger had told me there was one in the area, but I really thought it was to early. Obviously not! Also here was my FOS YELLOW-BELLIED FLYCATCHER!! I snapped one really bad shot of it before it flew off. Later I had what I believe was either another or the same bird at our usual spot near the White Birches, but that flew off before I could get the camera up. The problem is the trees are very heavily leaved and the birds can disappear in an instant. I then worked my way around the trail to the right. Fortunately the birds were moving in the same direction and I was able to intersect them frequently. This continued all the way around until I was back at the Sand Pit entrance. Here is a list of the highlights including number of what I had. It was a great morning!
3 Red-bellied Woodpeckers
1 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
1 Hairy Woodpecker
2 Downy Woodpeckers
3 Pileated Woodpeckers
4 Eastern Pewee
4 Eastern Phoebe
5 Yellow-throated Vireo
6 Red-eyed Vireo
1 Veery
3 Blue-gray Gnatcatchers
1 Chestnut-sided Warbler
3 Magnolia Warbler
1 Black-throated Green Warbler
4 Blackburnian Warblers (maybe more)
1 Pine Warbler
1 Prairie Warbler
1 Black and White Warbler
2 American Redstart
4 Common Yellowthroat
1 Canada Warbler
1 Baltimore Oriole
1 Scarlet Tanager

There were also many individuals that I couldn’t identify due to their rapid movement through the thick tree tops.

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2 Responses to Morningside Park and Bashakill

  1. Karen c miller says:

    True to our name for you …. You’re the bird magnet!

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