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We were supposed to have some intense thunderstorms overnight in the northern half of the county. The projected path put them right over the Apollo and Morningside Park between 2-3 Am. They came right at 3 Am, but right over my house. Intense downpours with extensive thunder and lightening. I headed up county this morning with great anticipation. The problem is, they never occurred farther north in the county, rather moving more east. The result was there was no rain at the birding hot spots. Apollo had the usual 7 Killdeer this morning and Morningside had 8 Least Sandpipers, 1 Spotted Sandpiper and the single SEMIPALMATED PLOVER, now in its 5th day. The Great Egret was present again this morning too. One good note, a new island emerged at Morningside overnight. It is only about 20 feet long and 2 feet wide, but it will continue to grow as this is one of the larger islands. Maybe they will all eventually emerge, but they are still way behind and only at about 20%. I then got a text from Bruce Nott (thanks Bruce!) informing me he had found an American Golden Plover at the Pine Island Turf Nursery. I headed down for that, but it had flown before I got there. I searched many areas, including Oil City Road, but had no birds of note at all. Back to the Bashakill by 12:30, but it was now too hot and I couldn’t find anything good there either. Hopefully migration will amp up now that we are almost into September and some good things will come our way.

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