Morningside Park and a Forecast

The White-rumped Sandpiper continued today at Morningside.

The White-rumped Sandpiper continued today at Morningside.

I was pleased to find that the WHITE-RUMPED SANDPIPER was still present this morning. The bird continues to frequent the large stick/mud island to the left of the pavilion or the small flat grassy island to the far left beyond the first island. It flew a couple of times while I was there this morning, but returned to one or the other of those islands each time. Also present were 5 Killdeer, 10 Least Sandpipers and 1 Spotted Sandpiper. You might note that in the above photo, taken of the birds left side, some of the breeding plumage in the scapulars continues. Those feathers have completely molted on the right side of the bird. The other usual birds for the lake were present as well. It will be interesting to see if the bird remains through tonight and tomorrow. Winds have already turned to the southwest. Now to the forecast……? A storm coming from the south west is due to hit our area in the night tonight. It is supposed to have heavy rains and thunderstorms. We are currently just beginning the peak migration for shorebirds and the movement has just begun to amp up. Hopefully these conditions lead to a long awaited fallout of shorebirds. Of course, it might not happen, but at least the conditions look good for it. I will be checking the hot spots here in Sullivan County and hopefully some of the folks in Orange County will check the sod farms and black dirt. If there isn’t much up here, I will try to check Orange Co. as well. Lets keep our fingers crossed for some good birds!

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