The ongoing Mourning Warbler at the Orchard.

The ongoing Mourning Warbler at the Orchard.

This morning I heard from Lance Verderame early that things were quite busy at the Bashakill. He already had seen the ongoing MOURNING WARBLER at the Orchard and a few other migrants. I headed down, and found the Mourning Warbler, singing, but not showing. I birded the rest of the Stop Sign Trail. Eastern Wood Pewee and Willow Flycatcher were present on the appropriate sides of the trail. Magnolia Warbler, Canada Warbler, Blackburnian Warbler were all seen as well as about ten breeding species. When I went back through the Orchard, the Mourning Warbler was sitting up in an apple tree singing. I got my obligatory terrible shots before it dropped down into the undergrowth. I then went to the Nature Trail where I had four more Canada Warblers, a couple Magnolia Warblers and a brief glimpse of another Mourning Warbler. The Cerulean pair was present as well as the more common breeding species. I had three Black-billed and one Yellow-billed Cuckoos between the two locations. All the usual thrush species, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Scarlet Tanager and Baltimore Oriole were present. I haven’t seen Orchard Orioles in a few days, but they go to nest so quickly, they may still be present, especially in the Orchard area.

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