Bashakill and Linear Park get their second wind!

My FOS Black-billed Cuckoo on the Stop Sign Trail.  I would have three of these and one Yellow-billed Cuckoo this morning.

My FOS Black-billed Cuckoo on the Stop Sign Trail. I would have three of these and one Yellow-billed Cuckoo this morning.

Yesterday I birded both of the above areas, Linear Park with Scott Baldinger. At the Bashakill I found my FOS WILLOW FLYCATCHER along the Stop Sign Trail. My most exciting find of the day was at the Horseshoe Parking area. As I started out the trail I was thrilled to have a male MOURNING WARBLER pop up in front of me, giving me great views. Later, I met Scott and we went to Linear Park where there were plenty of breeding species present. Scott had had an ALDER FLYCATCHER here yesterday, and it didn’t take us long to find it again. Last night, I went back to the Bashakill just before dark and had three FOS COMMON NIGHTHAWKS!
Today, I met Bob Kurtz and Liz Jameson at the Orchard off Haven Road. We had some great birds and one that we were able to study at length. First, Bob filled me in on a number of good birds he had already seen. Then they informed me that there is a MOURNING WARBLER in the undergrowth quite close by. It only took a moment before the bird started to sing again. I never really got a look at it, but following along it was great to hear that song. Liz was able to get a view of the bird and at least one photo. I then spotted a flycatcher which prompted much discussion. It was clearly either an Acadian or Yellow-bellied Flycatcher. Bob got out his Peterson Guide and we went back and forth on the bird. We concluded that even though the bird had a yellow underbelly, the throat appeared to gray for Yellow-bellied. We concluded the only possibility was ACADIAN FLYCATCHER. From there, I walked out the Stop Sign Trail looking for one of the several BLACK-BILLED CUCKOOS they had earlier. It only took a minute before I found two of the birds, one visual and the other calling across the trail. When I was done out there, I returned to the Orchard where I found a singing TENNESEE WARBLER! I alerted Liz to its presence. We tried and tried to see the bird in a dense Apple Tree right in front of us, but I never got a look until it took off and flew out into the Swamp Maples. As Liz and I walked back to the road, a third Black-billed Cuckoo was calling in the back of the Orchard. A Canada Warbler was singing back there as well. I then left Liz and went on to the Nature Trail. I immediately heard my FOS YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOO! Right after the Cuckoo I found my FOS EASTERN WOOD PEWEE! I would find another one a while later, so they are definitely in. A few Swainson’s Thrush were present behind the sand pit. A great morning of birding!
A Swainson's Thrush on the Nature Trail

A Swainson’s Thrush on the Nature Trail

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2 Responses to Bashakill and Linear Park get their second wind!

  1. Matt Zeitler says:

    Super shot of the Cuckoo, John. I love those birds!

    • Thanks Matt, its just Ok.  When you get a chance, would you mind sharing a couple of your Peregrine shots from yesterday with me?  Mine turned out terribly back lit and I’d like to see what they really looked like in pics.  Thanks, John

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