Bashakill and Linear Park

The ongoing female Orchard Oriole feeding in apple blossoms at the Bashakill Orchard .

The ongoing female Orchard Oriole feeding in apple blossoms at the Bashakill Orchard .

I birded the above areas this morning with great expectations. While it was a good morning, the major migration I was hoping for didn’t materialize. A good movement with a fair number of new birds made for some fun, but I really can’t help but wonder where the masses of birds that should be passing us are. Have they overflown us? Are they yet to come? Only time will tell. As for today, I had four FOS species. At the Orchard at the Bashakill, I had my first MAGNOLIA WARBLERS and INDIGO BUNTING. A bit further along, near the Stop Sign Parking Area, I had my first BLACKPOLL WARBLER of the year. As you might guess, a number of us were at the Orchard hoping for the reappearance of the YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT from yesterday, but it didn’t happen. I hope the bird could still be around, they are incredible skulkers, but only time will tell. As far as other warblers are concerned, I had 14 more species. Others seen that I missed included Wilson’s and Bay-breasted. At the Deli Fields I had my first BOBOLINK of the year, there were three of them. Over at Linear Park things were about the same. One bird of note that I personally would rather not see, was a BREWSTERS WARBLER, further evidence of the demise of Golden-winged Warbler in the county.
A Scarlet Tanager on the Linear Park Trail.

A Scarlet Tanager on the Linear Park Trail.

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2 Responses to Bashakill and Linear Park

  1. Gary Zylkuski says:


    I believe I heard the chat this morning at the Orchard around 7:30 but could not get a visual. Also, I saw a surprisingly early mourning warbler this morning around 9:10 in the multiflora rose on the right of the last ‘boardwalk’ before you hit the beginning of the actual trail part of the Nature Trail. It never sang while I was there but I was able to watch it for 3 minutes with diagnostic views. It was a very surprising sighting.

    • Gary,
      I hope the bird is still around, but we couldn’t find it all day, Just came in from trying again. Maybe tomorrow. We haven’t seen a Mourning Warbler yet, nice find! We have actually had them as early as May 2nd a couple years ago. Nice to hear from you, John

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