Bashakill rather quiet.

A rather distant Bonaparte's Gull on Haven Road  this morning.

A rather distant Bonaparte’s Gull on Haven Road this morning.

I have been unable to bird for the last week due to having some kind of bug that took me out for a while. Feeling better, Arlene Borko and I were finally able to get out to do some birding today. We had heard of quite a few good things that had come in over the course of the week. Unfortunately, it seems most of the birds had moved on and it was really rather quiet at the Bashakill today. The only bird of note was a migrating BONAPARTE’S GULL seen from Haven Road. Hopefully the front coming through tomorrow will bring some new birds and this week will pick up overall.

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2 Responses to Bashakill rather quiet.

  1. kate hyden says:

    Wow must be some bug to take you down! Feel better before break-a-hundred!

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