Brown Booby!

I am away on an Eastern Caribbean Cruise! I didn’t expect to have internet access while I was away, but am pleasantly surprised to have it, at least at this time. Today while cruising 200 miles east of Florida and 75 miles southwest of Bermuda, I had some pelagic birds. Actually most were land birds. A Great Egret circled the boat for nearly an hour before departing and a Barn Swallow showed up several times. The best bird of the day however was a juvenile BROWN BOOBY! This bird rode the bow of the ship for quite some time, shooting down the side of the ship then catching up to the bow again. It repeated this many times over the course of an hour. Finally as my friends and I were watching, a flying fish took off from the water. I was able to get my friends right on it and they were thrilled to see this fish that none had seen before. As the fish continued through the air, the Brown Booby suddenly came out of no where and caught the fish right out of the air! Everyone gasped! I have never seen a booby do that before, it was pretty neat to see. Shortly thereafter the bird was gone. I submitted it to ebird, and of course it had to go in under a rare bird. It was supposedly considerably out of its range. Fortunately I got lots of photos, some you can see here to verify the sighting.

Brown Booby

Brown Booby

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10 Responses to Brown Booby!

  1. Chris Reiser says:

    Brown Boobys must be tolerant of people. I was surprised by how tolerant the one in Sussex was as kayakers paddled by.

    As usual your ability to spot a special movement remains intact, even on the high seas. Enjoy your vacation.

  2. Joyce Depew says:

    I love the Brown Booby. I took many photos of them in the Carribean – at Megan’s Bay, St. Thomas. Such handsome birds!

  3. Jim says:

    A great experience for you !

  4. K9-Judge says:

    Knew that you were away but checked your blog any way. Glad I did. Always most pleasing to read of your adventures and your good finds.
    WTTBs were lovely!
    Snowing here and has been doing so lightly for the past three hours.

    Have fun!

  5. Karen C M says:

    I would love to see a Brown Booby some day. Glad to hear from you. Things have moved into a higher gear with birding. Temps were at 61 degrees in NYC today …not sure how warm it was here but it’s a big improvement. Got out to observe the American Woodcock twice this week at Highland Lakes Park. Fun birds, but no pictures. Enjoy your last few days … see you soon.

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