Bashakill Area Associations Annual Early Spring Migrant Bird Walk

A Common Goldeneye along Haven Road.

A Common Goldeneye along Haven Road.

This morning I led the BKAA Annual Early Spring Migrant Bird Walk. We met at Haven Road at 8 am. 17 intrepid birders followed me along the road and eventually the Birch Trail at the Main Boat Launch on a very brisk first full day of spring. Waterfowl numbers were down somewhat from the past week, but we had a great walk none the less. We managed to see Canada Geese, Mallard, Black Duck, Wood Duck, Common and Hooded Mergansers, Bufflehead, Common Goldeneye and a female Lesser Scaup! At Haven Road, it was surreal watching four TREE SWALLOWS darting among the weeds in the ice and snow flurries searching for insects over the small patches of open water. Soon thereafter, a Killdeer flew over announcing his name as he went by. As is often the case in the early spring, the Bald Eagles were the show stealers. We had a total of 13 this morning, including two adult pairs and nine immatures. You could hardly look in any direction without seeing an eagle. An unexpected surprise was when we flushed an AMERICAN WOODCOCK from a wet warm water seep right along the Birch Trail! Karen Miller spotted it first, a lifer for her! I’d like to thank Karen for her help in directing participants to so many of the great birds with her scope! After over two hours of hiking around on a brisk morning, most participants departed after the Birch Trail hike. A few really gung ho birders continued on with the reward of an Eastern Screech Owl and eventually great looks at the Common Goldeneye and Lesser Scaup that had now moved closer to the road back at Haven Road. I’d also like to thank Gordon and Lori Lamb for being the participants that have attended more of these walks than anyone else. They are always eager participants and come the farthest, from Queens, Long Island every year! A great morning with great people, that’s what birding is all about!

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6 Responses to Bashakill Area Associations Annual Early Spring Migrant Bird Walk

  1. Jean Doe says:

    My mother & I attended our first walk this morning and had a wonderful time. Thanks for your patience and for pointing out all the wonderful sites!

  2. Lori Lam says:

    We had a wonderful day birding with you, Arlene (glad to see her looking healthy) and Karen and all the other eager birders on Saturday morning. I learn so much on every bird walk with you and I am appreciative of you and your time. I am especially happy to have learned how to estimate the age of an eagle thanks to your description and of course the cooperative eagles that showed up to offer wonderful examples. Looking forward to walking with you again in May. Have a great journey.

    • Lori,
      So great to see you and Gordon! It was a great day and we really enjoyed being with you all! Karen enjoyed the afternoon as well, getting a few more birds for her county list. Look forward to seeing you both in May, until then, great birding, John

  3. Karen C M says:

    Love the Grouse pictures … what a cute bird!!

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