Interesting Morning

My FOS Barred Owl near the Neversink River.

My FOS Barred Owl near the Neversink River.

This morning I headed out a bit early so I would have the morning to bird before it snowed. That didn’t happen. I had only been at the Rondout Reservoir a few minutes when it began to snow. With the warmer weather we’ve been having, I was surprised to see that most of the open water was frozen over once again. The best birds there this morning were two Drake REDHEADS. The long staying drake has been joined by a second drake since my last visit. I left there and headed to the Bashakill. As I was headed there, just uphill from the Neversink River in Bridgeville, a BARRED OWL flew across the road in front of my jeep. This was my first Barred of the year! He cooperated for some pictures, and the snow let up so they didn’t turn out to bad. On to the Bashakill. Upon arriving, most of the waterfowl that have been present were still around. I didn’t find any Ring-necked Ducks though. The Bald Eagles continue, with 11 seen this morning. I checked the pair on the nest near the Main Boat Launch. I’m not sure what might be happening there. Both birds were off the nest on a limb about twenty feet away. They were huddled together, as it was snowing quite hard and only 28 degrees. Not sure what that means for the eggs….? I returned over an hour later, and they were still perched together. Highlights at the Bashkill were 5 TREE SWALLOWS! They spent their time feeding and foraging over the ice and snow right near the road, and perching periodically on the wires. It was strange to see these birds swooping through the falling snow, picking insects from over the water. I went into the Stop Sign Trail parking lot to check the deer carcass. I was again surprised to find another insectivore flycatching over the pond off the parking lot. This time it was my FOS EASTERN PHOEBE! Not my usual birding in a snow storm, but a good morning none the less.

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2 Responses to Interesting Morning

  1. kate hyden says:

    Well it really must be first day of Spring (despite snow falling since this morning) I saw my first pair of Song Sparrows! But a Phoebe?? hope it comes our way!

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