Orange County Goose Chase – an AMAZING Day!

Blue Morph Ross' Goose on Onion Avenue!

Blue Morph Ross’ Goose on Onion Avenue!

In response to Matt Zeitler finding many Snow Geese on Onion Avenue in the Black Dirt Region yesterday, I headed there this morning with great expectations. The day exceeded all my hopes! I got a message from Karen Miller that she had been out early and found a small flock of TUNDRA SWANS at the Camel Farm. I headed to Onion Ave. first. I pulled up to find at least 1500 Snow Geese! As I scanned them, just a hundred feet off the road I found a BLUE MORPH ROSS’ GOOSE!! I texted Rob Stone whom I knew was out looking for the geese. He arrived shortly thereafter and we had great looks at the Ross’. A short time later Rob announced he was on a White Morph Ross’ Goose! I was able to get on the bird, our second Ross’ of the day! As we watched, more and more Snow Geese arrived as well as Canada Geese. The Snow Geese ended up numbering about 3000 birds. Curt McDermott, Karen Miller, Gef Chumard, Bruce Nott and Drew Schuyler all arrived to see the spectacle! ob left and we continued to observe the birds, taking pictures and getting even better looks. Rob called to say he had 9 Tundra Swans and many Canada and Snow Geese at the Camel Farm, and one GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE at the Golf Course. Bruce and I headed over and got to see all the birds, Bruce’s eagle eye picking out the GWFG at the Golf Course. It was a fabulous day of birding, hopefully these birds will hang around a while for everyone to see!

Blue Morph Ross' Goose

Blue Morph Ross’ Goose

Six of the nine Tundra Swans at the Camel Farm

Six of the nine Tundra Swans at the Camel Farm

One last shot!

One last shot!

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4 Responses to Orange County Goose Chase – an AMAZING Day!

  1. What an incredible day of birding John! That blue morph Ross’ is a beauty, I hope I can catch up with it! Congrats on a great day!

  2. Curt McDermott says:

    An AWESOME day and gind indeed!!! Thanks for sharing it!
    Congrats John!!

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