There was no sign of the mystery falcon from yesterday. There was however a lot of bird activity. First and foremost this morning was the Bald Eagle showing. Besides the two adult pairs at their nests, seven immature Bald Eagles were foraging along the open water spots on the channel across from the Main Boat Launch. March is one of the most active times of year for eagles in Sullivan County and the Bashakill is a major draw for them. As the channel opens, many fish surface that are the result of a winter die off. This year, I expect the “winter kill” to be greater than normal due to the extreme depth of the ice. It has already begun, and these juvenile eagles were all feeding on some of the results of that die off. Besides the eagles, Common and Hooded Mergansers, Wood Ducks, a Ring-necked Duck and the other expected waterfowl were all easily seen. I couldn’t find the Horned Larks that were present yesterday afternoon, and there were no blackbirds evident this morning at all.

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