Wow! Great Day!

Golden Eagle at Arlene Borko's home.  A new yard bird for her!

Golden Eagle at Arlene Borko’s home. A new yard bird for her!

This morning I awoke to minus 12.8 degrees at my house. I wasn’t sure what I would do today, but was sure it was going to be much later. I spoke with Arlene Borko and we agreed to meet at 11:00 am to do some local birding. When I reached Arlene’s, it was about 10 degrees. I stepped out of my jeep to check out the ducks on her pond. Arlene came out and as we watched, the ducks all went nuts. Arlene has Bald Eagles in her yard regularly and we were sure that was what was going on. I checked the spot the eagle usually perches, but it wasn’t there. Arlene alerted me to the fact that it was right over our heads, below the tree tops. It appeared the bird was going to come in for the ducks. As it banked I realized it was a GOLDEN EAGLE!! I shouted it to Arlene. We were amazed at the beauty of this bird. I ran for my camera in the jeep. I got it just in time, as our activity became clear to the eagle and it started to climb. I got a few shots, before it circled and flew over the ridge behind Arlene’s house. What an unexpected surprise! We headed out and it was surprisingly birdy. We had many species, including Pine Siskins, Northern Mockingbird, Common Redpoll etc. At that point, a friend alerted us to the presence of a couple of good birds. Off we went to see a beautiful Red phase EASTERN SCREECH OWL! This was the first red one I’ve seen in a long time. (sorry folks, due to the circumstances, no info will be released on this bird) We then headed off again, where we found the second bird. Our first GREAT BLUE HERON in the county this year! We continued birding a while longer, having great looks at a Pileated Woodpecker. We had only been out a couple of hours and had seen 37 species!

Beautiful Red-phase Eastern Screech Owl

Beautiful Red-phase Eastern Screech Owl

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6 Responses to Wow! Great Day!

  1. Karen C M says:

    That’s an awesome day!! Good for you and Arlene!

  2. kate hyden says:

    Fantastic pics John! This warms up my day!

  3. Wilma Amthor says:

    So beautiful, John, and it probably flew right over my house!!!! Would be great if I could get images of one of these and my longtailed ducks this year.

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