A very cold morning

This morning I headed to the north western part of the county, mostly grasslands, to see what I could find. It was only in the single digits when I started out, but finally got up to a brisk 15 degrees. There weren’t too many birds this morning, but I did find some good ones in the farm fields of Delaware and Bethel Townships. On Birch Ridge Road, I found a small flock of turkeys, two Red-tailed Hawks and my first county ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK this year. A beautiful light-phase bird. Moving on to the Beech Woods area, I found only a few sparrows and Eastern Bluebirds and one immature Bald Eagle. When I reached Faubel Road, it was quite birdy. In spite of the high winds and blowing snow, the spread on the fields was attracting quite a few birds. The farmer was just finishing up spreading as flock of 9 Wild Turkeys were following behind the spreader. At least a couple of dozen crows were making their way through muck and around 50 Horned Lark were feeding vigorously as well. Overhead, a beautiful adult Bald Eagle soared. I always enjoy seeing such diversity at a spot like this. As I headed back down county, I found a beautiful Red-shouldered Hawk sitting in the full sun in a large spruce. Another nice morning of birding

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2 Responses to A very cold morning

  1. kate hyden says:

    You are one hardy guy! We had 14 below up here in the Manor! Be careful out there.

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