Sullivan County

Horned Lark

Horned Lark

This morning I headed out with no particular destination in mind. I worked may way around the county and had some pretty good birds. The highlights of the 30 species I saw were PINE SISKIN, COMMON REDPOLL, HORNED LARK, SNOW BUNTING, RED-BREASTED NUTHATCH and COMMON RAVEN. Not a bad list of birds in this hard winter. A non-avian highlight of the day was a small pack of COYOTES hunting in a large field. I’ve attached a few shots that turned out half way decent. Nice birding.
Snow Bunting

Snow Bunting

Distant Coyotes hunting the fields for rodents.

Distant Coyotes hunting the fields for rodents.

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8 Responses to Sullivan County

  1. Deb Kral says:

    Nice images, John! Love the Snow Bunting ——I’ve only seen a coyote pack hunt once in my backwoods, your photo is fascinating!

  2. Bill says:

    Snow Bunting! Have to get a shot.

  3. kate hyden says:

    Never actually saw a coyote before.. just heard them! How big are they anyhow? German shepard size… small wolf?

    • I would say slightly smaller than a German Shepard, only half the size of a wolf.  I didn’t realize the “big hunt” for coyotes took place earlier in the month.  I guess these guys were some of the lucky ones. 

  4. Wilma Amthor says:

    Nice shots Jeff

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